Fan LI

I consider photography as my mother tongue. It's my father who let me discover photography from my childhood. I arrived in France 15 years ago and since 6 years, I photographed a lot of my travels and scenes of life for which I won the prizes of photo international competitions.
Today, I try to express my feelings through abstract and fine art photos.


我,近20年的北京生活,近20年的巴黎生活。受到父亲的影响,我从小就学习使用专业的相机,在暗房洗照片,在工作室拍照…来到巴黎后我在巴黎上学,并在多国旅行。 一些关于旅行和街拍等照片让我开始在国际比赛中获奖,然而这并没有满足我自己。因为我不仅仅需要记录这个世界,也需要表达我自己的内心。我希望可以通过我近期的抽象及美术照片表达我的这些想法。